Action Toolkit

If your investments are in your employer-sponsored plan at work
Step 1 – Talk to your colleagues and build a coalition
Step 2 – Identify the best people to speak with
Step 3 – Bring a solution to the table
If you’re an individual investor

You can trade your own portfolio, or tell your manager to do it. They may push back and tell you that you’ll make less money. Again, you can reply, “Maybe, but it’s my money, I want less risk, and tobacco is a risky business.” It’s financial advisors job to make you money, so you should drive home the point in no uncertain terms. Ask for help finding the best choices. The advisor may say no if you tell them to invest in a specific fund because it has a short or rocky history, so you may need to be patient as they find a better alternative. The goal is to remove the risk, not a specific fund; focus on risk, especially future risk, as well as returns. If they’re being lazy or unwilling to help you with this transition, find a new advisor. If your broker is tied to a big-name brand, they may only be able to offer products that the particular company has approved. If you want innovation, you might need a new advisor.

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