How it works

Methodology and companies we screen for
Tobacco Free Funds sources financial data from Morningstar, an investment research company. We use Morningstar’s mutual fund and stock data to analyze funds and find investments in tobacco and tobacco-promoting entertainment companies. Our database covers thousands of the most popular mutual funds, the type of investments most common in retirement plans like employer-offered 401(k)s.
How to make your investments match your values
Search for mutual funds by name, ticker symbol or fund manager - or browse the database.
Read the profile of your fund. How much money does it invest in tobacco or entertainment companies that promote tobacco to young people?
Switch to funds in your retirement plan that don’t invest, or have lower levels of investment, in tobacco or entertainment companies that promote tobacco to young people. You can also take action by signing our letter to tobacco-promoting entertainment companies.
If your retirement plan doesn’t offer tobacco-free options, consider talking to your retirement plan administrator.
Finding a fund

Tobacco Free Funds sources financial data on equities and mutual funds from Morningstar. Our database contains information on thousands of U.S. open-end and exchange traded mutual funds, some of the most common funds held in 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and other retirement plans.

Search for mutual funds using name or ticker symbol. Use the search page to filter funds by investing style, fund family, regional market, and more. We don't have everything in our database - we only screen mutual funds that own stocks, and can only display up to 3,000. Looking for your favorite fund and can’t find it? With more resources, we could include more funds - make a gift today to make a difference.

Screening a fund

For each mutual fund in our database, we examine every holding and determine if it is a stock issued by a tobacco company or a tobacco-promoting entertainment company.

Holdings that are not stocks, like currencies, bonds, or other mutual funds, are not rated. A fund’s Percent Rated value is equivalent to the percent of the fund that is invested in stocks. The higher a fund’s Percent Rated value, the more holdings we were able to examine. A fund with a lower Percent Rated value may have hidden tobacco-related investments that our tool cannot account for.

If a fund holds stock in a flagged company

Two screens are applied to each fund – a list of tobacco companies, and a list of entertainment companies that promote tobacco to young audiences. Click here to see which specific companies get flagged.

We calculate the total amount of exposure

Mutual funds can have a varying number of holdings, from less than one hundred to several thousand. We calculate the total number of flagged holdings in the fund, and the total amount and percentage of the fund’s assets that are invested in those companies.

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