Tobacco Free Funds empowers investors to search their mutual funds for tobacco companies and the entertainment companies that promote tobacco to young people. We help you take action, and we identify investment options that build a healthier future.

We screen your funds for two types of companies:

  1. Tobacco manufacturers, as defined by Morningstar's industry classifications. These companies’ largest source of revenue and income is the production, sale and/or marketing of cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products. Five tobacco firms dominate international markets: Phillip Morris International, Altria, British American Tobacco (which owns Reynolds American), Imperial Tobacco, and Japan Tobacco.
  2. Entertainment companies that promote tobacco in kid-rated movies. To learn more about which companies we flag as tobacco-promoting, see the FAQ.

Tobacco Free Funds is funded in part by a grant from Truth Initiative.

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Retirement plans

Retirement plans invest mostly in mutual funds, which are themselves invested in a wide array of company stocks and other securities. It’s not always easy for investors to investigate what’s inside the funds they own. Your retirement money may be invested in tobacco companies and entertainment companies that promote tobacco to kids. If you want tobacco-free options in your retirement account, talk to your plan administrator.

As You Sow

At As You Sow, we’ve been engaging major corporations on social and environmental responsibility since 1992. In 2015, we launched Fossil Free Funds so that people could see if their retirement was funding climate change. In 2016, we followed up with Deforestation Free Funds. We are committed to transparency, corporate accountability, and empowering individuals to take control of their investments.

How Tobacco Free Funds Works
  • Look up mutual funds using up-to-date Morningstar data
  • We analyze your investments for tobacco stocks
  • See how much exposure they have to tobacco and tobacco-promoting entertainment companies
Use our action toolkit
  • Learn how to make a change and invest tobacco free
  • Ask your financial advisor about socially responsible investments
  • Push your employer to provide tobacco free 401(k) options
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